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Consumer credit counseling, debt management, and financial education services provided by non-profit credit counseling companies designed to establish equilibrium between consumers, creditors, and member agencies for the successful rehabilitation of debt-challenged families and individuals.

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The AICCCA mission is to promote quality and professional delivery of credit counseling services. AICCCA independent non-profit member agencies assist millions of consumers annually with counseling and debt management services. Find out more about joining the AICCCA.

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Stop, Look and Listen to avoid Red TuesdayTM that Follows Black Friday, Cyber Monday Shopping

Fairfax, VA - December 10, 2012 - Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping may have already led to what the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies has dubbed a "Red Tuesday" for some consumers. According to the National Retail Federation, Black Friday and Cyber Monday traffic and spending were up over the entire weekend that began as early as Thanksgiving Day for some and ended on the following Monday. Consumers who spent without a plan using their credit cards may have added to their debt load as they head into the end of the year.

"Regardless of what the economy is doing, our member offices generally see an increase in calls from consumers after the first of the year," said David Jones, president, AICCCA. "An increased debt load due to holiday overspending is almost always a big contributor."

For those facing a Red Tuesday, AICCCA advises consumers to stop, look and listen using these tips:

  • Stop shopping now. If you have already spent more than you had planned, evaluate your purchases. If you bought more than one item for someone on your gift list, check to see if the additional gift is appropriate for another person on your list.

  • Look for alternatives to traditional gifts. Homemade goodies are welcome treats for almost anyone and you may have most of the ingredients you need already on hand in your pantry. Consider a gift of service like dog walking or car washing.

  • Listen to your conscience. Your friends and family do not want you to go into debt just to be able to give them a gift.

A qualified AICCCA member office can help get your financial life back on track. To get help now, call 866-703-8787 or visit to find an office to serve you.

Founded in 1993, Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies (AICCCA) is a national membership organization, established to promote quality and consistent delivery of credit counseling services. AICCCA and its members are focused on improved creditor relations, efficient processes and advanced technology to best serve clients and creditors. AICCCA members are independent nonprofit agencies that advocate for debtors, counsel millions of consumers annually nationwide and provide debt management services to consumers with excessive unsecured debt. For more information or to contact an AICCCA member office call 866-703-TRUSTAICCCA (866-703-8787) or visit

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